I have worked personally with the practitioners and businesses listed here, and highly recommend each of them as you continue your journey towards greater health.

Lisa not only practices Chinese medicine, she is trained in the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy. She has a very unique treatment style that not only addresses any physical ailments that may bring you her way, but creates a great space for deeper discovery of who you are as a person, and how healing can come from within. Lisa also utilizes Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) to quickly and effectively determine the body’s priorities in healing, what triggers may be causing imbalances/illness, and what will remedy the imbalance.

Dharma is a wonderful community of yogis and yoginis and has, in my opinion, the best and most accessible yoga instructors in Austin (they actually take the time to remember your name!). A welcoming environment for exploring your body in movement and what it means to be human.

GB is a wonderful, loving soul who’s been practicing midwifery for over 30 years now and has brought well over 1,000 little people into the world. She delivered our son, and it goes without saying that I trust and respect her immensely and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

I frequently refer clients to Pilates to build core strength and length, and this is one of the best studios I’ve trained in. It’s a beautiful facility, and the teaching here is grounded in a tremendous knowledge of the body’s structure and function. Truly a special place to learn about and change your body for the better.

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“Rolfing is permanent.  As one student put it, after you’re Rolfed you’re like a Jaguar.  No matter how long you drive a Jaguar, it’s not going to turn into a Ford.”

— Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Mike Williams
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