My journey really began in earnest with deep dissatisfaction with the direction my life was heading.

Growing up I was always fascinated by the way the human body works and moves through the world. I followed that interest into college, training in and teaching the martial arts for nearly 12 years, and regularly exploring and adventuring through the Colorado outdoors. Then somewhere along the way, I decided that I needed to have a “real job”. Almost on a whim, I decided I would be an investment banker; that seemed to be my path to success. What I didn’t know at 22, the time that I thought I was turning toward my true self, was that I was taking a tremendous turn away from my authentic path.

Fast forward 5 years to San Francisco during the dot-com era, and I’m working 90+ hours a week at a global investment bank. Great on paper, great when comparing career notes with ex-classmates and chatting with family members and friends who want you to succeed….miserable in reality. After slogging through “just one more year” to get that big bonus check, the universe handed me a tremendous gift: I failed to get a huge promotion that I’d convinced myself that I wanted. This failure gave me the space to understand just how unhappy I was with this career path and how out of sync I was with what I wanted out of life.

Circling back to my true interests didn’t happen easily, in fact, it took me years more to refine and fully understand what my true calling in this world is (and that process continues to this day). But getting in touch with my dissatisfaction forced me to ask the question, “What do I believe my gift to the world is, and why do I believe it’s important to offer that?” and made it impossible for me to turn back once I’d moved forward into that inquiry.

My practice is the result of these questions. I believe that human beings are amazing and are meant to do amazing things. We are meant to play and express ourselves through our bodies. But we tend to get tripped up along the way. I am here to help you get back on your path.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams Certified Rolfer Austin TX

“My goal through Rolfing is to help you be the best ‘You’ that you can be, beginning with this exploration of the body and what it is capable of doing and becoming.”

— Mike Williams, Certified Rolfer

Hakomi Institute Southwest, Austin, TX (2016)
Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
, Boulder, CO (2008)
Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Austin, TX (2006)
National Outdoor Leadership School, Lander, WY (2001)
University of Colorado at Boulder, BS Business Administration (1996)

Member, Hakomi Institute (2018-Present)
Member, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (2008-Present)
Member, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) (2007-Present)
Former Chairperson, Red River region of the Rolf Institute (2010-2012)

Rolf Movement Integrative Strategies (2018)
Hakomi Certification Practicum (2017-2018)
Right Use of Power (2017)
Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology (2014-2016)
Coordinative Indicators of Integration (2015)
MovNat Natural Movement (2015)
Structural Integration for the Cranium (2013)
Rolfing & Trauma 2 (2013)
Fascial Release for the Abdomen and Breath (2012)
Cadaver Workshop (2012)
Inherent Motion (2012)
Rolfing & Trauma (2011)
Neural Mobilization for Shoulder & Pelvic Girdles (2010)
Advanced Myofascial Techniques for the Leg, Knee, & Foot (2009)

Mike Williams
Certified Rolfer™
Certified Hakomi Practitioner
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