Rolfing Structural Integration & Mindfulness

  “You can’t do what you want till you know what you’re doing.” – Moshe Feldenkrais What is this mindfulness stuff you keep talking about Mike? And why is it important anyway? Right! What’s the big deal? Your body hurts, you heard that Rolfing Structural Integration can really help
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Rolfing In Austin: Beyond Rolfing

Over the past 7 years as a Rolfer – 7 years this month! – I’ve had the immense pleasure of partnering with over 500 unique clients on their quests for greater health, logging thousands of hours of Rolfing sessions along the way. I’ve worked with an amazing variety of
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Will Rolfing Alleviate Physical Pain?

  Physical pain is what brings fully 90% of my clients into my Rolfing in Austin, TX practice. Pain is a great motivator. Often, Rolfing is a last resort for people that have tried any number of traditional or holistic therapies with little or no success, whether it’s surgery,
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