Rolfing Austin TX – Sometimes Less is More

Last month’s topic was Does Rolfing Structural Integration Hurt? As I mentioned there, I speak with just about every new client and acquaintance about why it shouldn’t. Usually when I have this conversation with new clients, it’s pretty quickly followed with something along the lines of “well, I have
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Does Rolfing Structural Integration Hurt?

I get this question about Rolfing almost every time a new client comes in, or I tell someone what I do for a living. For some reason the assumption that Rolfing Structural Integration is painful just lives out there in the world. It’s a holdover from the 70s, the
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Rolfing Structural Integration & Mindfulness

  “You can’t do what you want till you know what you’re doing.” – Moshe Feldenkrais What is this mindfulness stuff you keep talking about Mike? And why is it important anyway? Right! What’s the big deal? Your body hurts, you heard that Rolfing Structural Integration can really help
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