10 Years, and New Frontiers

Today (December 12, 2018) I celebrate 10 years in practice as a Certified Rolfer in Austin! As I like to do when cycles come to completion (a project, a year, a decade in practice), I’ve spent the better part of 2018 reflecting on this accomplishment, what’s happened along the
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“Pseudoscience at Best”

  Earlier this year I got to sit face-to-face with an angry client telling me that what I practice “is pseudoscience at best.” Not a fun conversation. I owned that I hadn’t communicated clearly throughout our work together in a way that was in-sync with his needs, while standing
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Liminality Life Podcast

  Had the pleasure last week to be a guest on Nora Speakman’s “Liminality Life” podcast! Really enjoyed our conversation around my evolutionary journey and how I bring that experience into the work I do to help people navigate theirs. Have a listen, I’d love your
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