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Mike Williams Certified Rolfer Austin TX

Mike Williams
Certified RolferTM
Certified Hakomi Practitioner

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Human beings are born with innate vitality, the ability to heal, and the capacity for authentic expression – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  This expression is our unique, individual gift to the world and it is our birthright.

We can become disconnected from these inherent natural resources by limitations in the physical body, unconscious psycho-emotional or relational patterns, unhealthy belief systems, habits, or trauma.  When these gifts are obscured, we feel stuck.  We’re never quite healthy, never quite happy, never quite vital.  And our unique offerings to the world go unshared.  The good news is that your intrinsic health, vitality, and capabilities for self-expression are always there, waiting to be rediscovered.

It’s my gift to provide Rolfing Austin TX to help you reconnect to your true being, your inner Hero, so that you can bring your fullest, most authentic and expansive expression of your Self and your gifts out to the world!

Here’s how we’ll do it

Create a New Body

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Every aspect of your life is housed in your body.  You are a physical being living in a physical realm, and your body is the physical expression of your greater Self.  Rolfing Austin TX changes the body to create a new container – one more able to meet, adapt to, and enjoy the rigors of life.  A new vessel for self-expression that is more capable of moving and living in sync with your greater possibilities.

Create New Self-Awareness

Rolfing Austin TX - Create New Self Awareness

Your history, habits, and belief systems define you.  They create a set of operating strategies through which you choose what to do with your life.  Strategies that are often so deeply-ingrained you’re not consciously aware of them.  Bringing conscious awareness to the ways you view and define Self creates new choices, new options for action, and supports your growth into new space.

Create New Movement

Rolfing Austin TX - Create New Movement

Movement is where it all comes together.  It is the ultimate expression of your humanness, the outward expression of your inner environment. Understanding the way your body wants to move, and purposefully giving it new options, will rewire you with greater potential, allowing our Rolfing Austin TX work to create lasting change.

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